Will hipsters be the death of Christianity? Ugh, I doubt it.

Hipsters in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Hi, my loyal handful of readers. It’s been a while since I posted and I apologize. Been a busy week. Still is. I have only a few moments to write this up, but this post on Religion Dispatches is well worth poring over if you’re interested in hipsters or Christianity and/or both.

The author of the post is reviewing a book by a guy named Brett McCracken who tackles the phenomenon of so-called ‘hipster’ churches. That the book reviewer lives in Brooklyn, the epicenter of hipster-ism, at least on the East Coast, and opens her review with scenes from tattoo-and-body piercing central is sort of cool, and funny and hip in its own way.

As the reviewer sees it, McCracken divides hipster churches into two categories: authentic ones and wannabes, the author tells us.

The author goes on to write that McCracken describes himself as a hipster at the same time that he questions whether certain hipster churches out there can pull off the balance between being authentic and being cool. That question, tweaked just a little, so that it juxtaposes authenticity and relevance might more accurately reflect the plight of many churches that seek the elusive goal of striking the right balance between relating to the world while adhering to core beliefs.

There’s a whole lot more I wish I could write on this subject.  There are some really interesting insights in this piece, as well as questionable assumptions McCracken makes about the hipster church phenomenon, at least based on this review. But I got to run.


One Response to “Will hipsters be the death of Christianity? Ugh, I doubt it.”

  1. I will have to agree with you. I doubt if all the scandals, wars, violence, and general nastiness has not spelled the death of Christianity, skinny jeans and tattoos will somehow do what all the rest seemed insufficient to do – kill Christianity. By the by, I am in no way advocating skinny jeans.

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