PBS plans homage to Jeff Bridges, Big Lebowski, Coen Brothers

PBS has scheduled Jeff Bridges: The Dude Abides, a 1 1/2-hour movie airing Jan. 12, 2011. The Big Lebowski is one of my favorite films, so needless to say I want to see this. The film, more than other Coen Brothers’ films in my opinion, made an ethical statement about one’s orientation toward others and toward the universe, a term I use as a stand-in for whatever deity, or deities, you might believe in. In my eyes, the film was a layered, intelligent and, well, spiritual movie. On that last count I wasn’t the only one who saw a spiritual theme. Religion columnist Cathleen Falsani felt so strongly that she wrote The Dude Abides: The Gospel According to the Coen Brothers. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/religionandethics/episodes/october-9-2009/cathleen-falsani-interview/4520/Of course this film is about the actor who made Jeff Lebowski a pop cultural icon: Jeff Bridges, a man whom Pauline Kael described as “the most natural and least self-conscious screen actor that has ever lived.” http://amplify.com/u/hqxs


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