iPhone 4 vs. HTC Incredible

I’m not super techy, but for the past week I’ve had the chance to compare the iPhone 4 against the HTC Incredible.

Apple vs. Android.

Cupertino vs. Mountain View.

The former upstart vs, well, another former upstart

It seems fortune has thrust me in an intriguing position in a world gaga about tech. OK, not really. All the pros did their comparisons a few months back, which means I probably won’t offer any startling revelation for the truly geeky. What I hope to offer here over the next few weeks, perhaps months, is a periodic critique of the two smartphones by someone who doesn’t write code and only occasionally goes to Slashdot for news.

This is my first post on the subject. So bear with me.

So far, I’ve been able to compare the two phones for six days, and there’s no clear winner in my mind. Both phones have their upsides and downsides.

Yes, the iPhone can multi-task. I can listen to music, check my e-mail and scroll through the constant TweetDeck feed. The Incredible doesn’t multi-task well (as far as I know). But Android’s TweetDeck app is better than the one made for the iPhone. mainly because the Android app gives one more options with which to share a post, including Tumblr, one of my favorites. The same goes for the Android app for Pulse for the same reason. (Perhaps I haven’t fully learned how to use the iPhone’s apps yet, which might explain my disappointment with the apps so far.)

I’ve also discovered that the function allowing one to enlarge print in news stories I’ve pulled up using TweetDeck is better on the Incredible than the iPhone. The print adjusts to the screen on the Incredible. In other words, when I expand the script, the new larger print adapts to the contours of the Incredible screen. Not so with the iPhone. It’s a bit frustrating.

On the minus side for Android, I regularly have to force close an app because it is taking far too long to load (even after I’ve cleared the cache using the Manage Applications function, which is frustrating). Over the seven months I’ve owned the Incredible several times I’ve found myself so frustrated by Android’s sluggishness that I’ve taken the battery out of the phone’s back to re-start the phone. As frustrated as I was, at least I could take the battery out of the Android phone. Not so with the iPhone. A negative mark for Apple for not making their batteries accessible.

The iPhone isn’t without its meltdowns on the app side. Like a Droid, the iPhone accesses several e-mail accounts and even — and this is very cool — allows one to merge e-mails from separate accounts into one inbox. It’s called a universal inbox. But several times over the course of one day this week the iPhone informed me that my Gmail username and password were incorrect, even though I’d accessed the account for two days prior with no problems. I couldn’t access e-mails in the my Gmail account for several hours. The issue eventually corrected itself, leaving me befuddled about what caused it.

As storage space goes, the iPhone is the clear winner. It has 16 GB vs the more than 8GB the Incredible offers.

As I write this, I find that I have an emotional attachment to my Droid phone, perhaps because I’ve had it longer. Clearly, I’m blown away by some of the iPhone’s abilities. But it’s infatuation right now. We’ll see if it turns into a long-term love affair in the coming months.

Stay tuned.


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