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I’m feeling like Saturday night!!!

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , on March 20, 2011 by Trip Jennings

OK, I worked — hmmm what was it, oh yeah — 70 or so hours this week. And the week is over. So now I’m feeling like a party. Which at my age means listening to music on my laptop while I nod off quietly. So enjoy the video. But remember … quiet please. Middle-aged man partying here.


The Swans: the artist I forgot on my 2010 music blog

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , on January 3, 2011 by Trip Jennings

I knew I’d leave out an artist from the 2010 music blog I posted yesterday, and boy did I. The Swans were nowhere on my litany of artists who left a musical impression on me last year. In yesterday’s post I mentioned that some of the music I discovered in 2010 was new to me but not new to the world, The Swans belong in that category. If you haven’t heard of them, don’t feel bad. Neither had I until about halfway through 2010 when I ran across one of their songs. After that I was hooked.